Lunch & Dinner Menu

Appetizers for Big Shots or Sharing

Wisconsin Artisanal Cheese Plates

4 Different rotating Wisconsin cheese plates offered.  3 different great Wisconsin cheeses on each plate.


No. 6
Lazy Susan with Miesfeld Market Holiday Garlic Salami, Bavaria’s Braunschweiger, smoked lake trout, creamed herring, Dusseldorf mustard, dill pickles, deviled eggs, Widmer’s Brick spread, Vern’s Sharp Cheddar spread with a side of crackers & rye bread…$15.95

No. 7
Lazy Susan with Local dilly beans, deviled eggs, dill potato salad, pickled beets, poppy seed coleslaw, dill pickles, Widmer’s Brick spread and Vern’s Sharp Cheddar spread with a side of crackers & rye bread……$15.95

No. 8
Wurst Platter with Wisconsin’s Best Wurst Platter- a selection of our local favorites; Bavaria Sausage Kitchen’s
Nürnberger bratwurst, knackwurst and weisswurst with grilled bread, sauerkraut, local dilly beans and mustards…………….$16.95

No. 11
Haystack Onions Strings, thinly sliced and hand dipped in buttermilk batter…$7.95

No. 12
Warm potato chips, thin and crispy…$6.95

No. 13
House-made fresh Wisconsin beer battered cheese curds…$8.95

No. 14
Matchstick Fries, always fried to order…$5.95

Choice of Dips
Smoked paprika dip, roasted garlic dip, buttermilk ranch or Tiger Blue dip. Double dip for…50 cents

Wisconsin beer cheese soup garnished with popcorn…cup $2.95/bowl $3.95

No. 17
Soup of the Day…cup $3.25/bowl $4.95

No. 18
Green Bay – Style Chili, Our secret recipe Chili slow simmered beef and red beans served over spaghetti; add shredded Cheddar, onion and sour cream at no extra charge………cup $4.95/bowl $6.95

No. 19
Spinach and Stravecchio cheese with shaved red onion, sunflower seeds, croutons, deviled egg and hot bacon dressing- add chicken $2.95 or salmon $3.95…..$8.95

No. 20
Plump Door County cherries, Buttermilk Blue cheese and toasted almonds tossed with mixed greens and brandy vinaigrette – add chicken $2.95 or salmon $3.95….$9.95

No. 21
Pickled baby beets and Salemville Gorgonzola with toasted walnuts, shaved red onion, mixed greens and creamy white wine vinaigrette – add chicken $2.95 or salmon $3.95….$9.95

No. 22
Classic iceberg wedge salad with carrots, red onions, Bavaria’s hickory smoked bacon, buttermilk blue cheese, croutons, with French and blue cheese dressing – add chicken $2.95 or salmon $3.95…..$7.95

No. 23
Grill-seared Norwegian salmon with Bavaria’s hickory-smoked bacon, cucumber, shaved red onion, deviled egg, mixed greens and tarragon vinaigrette….$12.95

No. 24
Tossed mixed greens with brandy vinaigrette – add chicken $2.95 or salmon $3.95….$5.95

With choice of fries, tossed green salad or substitute:
Haystack onion strings $2.00
Warm potato chips $2.00
House-made Herbed Potato Salad $2.00
Classic iceberg wedge salad with French and Wisconsin blue cheese dressing $3.00
House-made fresh Wisconsin beer-battered cheese curds $4.00

(Add a Fried Egg or Braunschweiger to any Sandwich for $2.00 or Bacon for $1.50)

Offering Gluten-Free Bread Options For all Sandwiches:White, Whole Grain & Buns $1.00

No. 27
Prime Rib Sandwich – Hot, shaved prime rib, sauteed with mushrooms, onions, red peppers and topped with provolone cheese, tiger sauce & pickles on Clasen’s Bakery sesame seed roll…..$12.95

No. 28
Wisconsin Burger – Grilled over a live fire and topped with Cheddar cheese, olive oil mayonnaise & raw onion on a buttered and toasted bun…..$8.95

No. 29
Spicy Burger- grilled over a live fire and topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno, fried onions, Bavaria’s Hickory-Smoked bacon & smoked paprika sauce on a buttered and toasted bun…..$10.95

No. 30
The Old Fashioned House Burger-grilled over a live fire and topped with fried onions, Bavaria’s hickory-smoked bacon, aged Cheddar, garlic sauce and a soft-cooked egg on a buttered and toasted roll…..$12.95

No. 32
Sheboygan’s Grand Champion Miesfeld Market double bratwurst with raw onions, pickles and brown mustard on a buttered Highway Bakery hard roll……..$9.95……..single brat. $7.95

No. 33
Shaved hickory-smoked turkey breast with tiger sauce, Provolone cheese and leaf lettuce on toasted
country bread…………….…………$8.95…………… add Bavaria’s Hickory Smoked Bacon $1.50 or Double the Bacon for $2.75

No. 34
Tuna Salad with roasted red peppers, hard-boiled eggs and leaf lettuce on toasted country bread….$8.95
No. 35
Grilled eggplant, portabella mushroom, wood-roasted red pepper and zucchini, with goat cheese and black olive tapenade on toasted country bread…..$8.95

No. 36
Beer battered walleye with shredded cabbage, shaved radish and house-made lemon-caper tartar sauce on toasted country bread…..$12.95

No. 37
Wood-grilled breast of chicken with Bavaria’s hickory-smoked bacon, melted Swiss, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise on toasted country bread…$8.95..add $2.00 for Braunschweiger

No. 38
Jim’s Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage, grilled and topped with Düsseldorf mustard, shaved red onions, and Muenster cheese on toasted rye bread……$7.95 ….add sauerkraut………..50¢

No. 39
Build your own Hot Dog – A 100% beef hot dog from Baranek’s Farm Fresh Beef in Crivitz, on a toasted bun from Clasen’s Bakery – add sauerkraut, raw onions, pickle relish, Düsseldorf mustard……………….single dog $5.95
Double Dog Dare Ya – 2 dogs on the bun………….…$7.95
Add Cheddar, Swiss, Colby, Muenster, Buttermilk Blue, Provolone or Pepperjack cheese……..…$1.00
Add Green Bay Style Chili– includes cheddar cheese & onions………………$2.00

No. 40
Grilled cheese sandwich with Swiss, aged Cheddar, wood-roasted red bell peppers and Bavaria’s hickory-smoked bacon on Texas toast….$7.95

No. 41
Wood-grilled and slow roasted pork shoulder, topped with pickle relish, Muenster cheese and smoked
Spanish paprika sauce on Texas toast……..$9.95

Nightly Specials
(Available after 4 pm)
The Following Items are Served Every Night:

No. 50
Wood-grilled 16 oz. Rib-eye of beef topped with a pat of Wisconsin sweet-cream butter and served with matchstick fries, tiger sauce and grilled Texas…..$27.95

No. 51
Mac & Cheese -Wisconsin sharp Cheddar & Sarvecchio, topped with crisp breadcrumbs…..$9.95

No. 52
Grilled Rushing Waters whole rainbow trout from Palmyra with fresh thyme, baby spinach and house pickled baby beets tossed with white wine vinaigrette………$18.95

No. 65
Chicken & Biscuits – Buttermilk biscuits covered in traditional chicken pot pie filling……………………………..$13.95

Served Monday Night:
No. 53
Cheeseburger*Night – Buy One Get One Free – made with local grass-fed beef, grilled over a live fire and topped with Cheddar cheese with a side raw onion & lettuce ……………………….$9.95 (a la carte)

Served Tuesday Night:
No. 54
Taco Night – choose from pulled pork shoulder with salsa verde, diced onions and cilantro, roasted chicken with salsa roja, diced onions and cilantro, fried tilapia with shaved cabbage, radish and smoked Spanish paprika sauce or vegetarian with black beans, roasted carrots, onion, red pepper, corn, cabbage and radish with salsa roja. Served in warm flour tortillas….$1.75 each

Taco platter, choose three tacos; pork, chicken, tilapia or vegetarian with Spanish rice and beans…..$8.95

Potato OF’s – Bite sized hashed browned potatoes, seasoned with our special blend and includes a side of sour cream or salsa roja……… $5.95

Served Wednesday Night:
No. 55
Lake Perch Fish Fry – poppy seed coleslaw, matchstick fries, house-made lemon caper tartar sauce and rye bread…..$13.95

Served Thursday Night:
No. 56
B.B.Q. Feed – Jordandal Farm wood-roasted, dry-rubbed ribs and roasted pork shoulder, served with matchstick fries, Texas toast, coleslaw and BBQ sauce on the side….$19.95

Served Friday Night:
No. 57
Fish Fry Friday – Beer-battered cod, walleye or flour dusted perch with poppy seed coleslaw, matchstick fries, house-made lemon caper tartar sauce and rye bread. Cod…….$10.95 Perch…..$13.95 Walleye……$13.95 Combo Platter – Walleye, Perch & Cod…..$14.95

Served Saturday Night:
No. 58
Prime Rib Dinner – Served in two courses; a wedge salad with French dressing and Wisconsin Blue cheese followed by a 12 oz. or 8 oz. cut of USDA Certified Prime Grade Prime Rib – seared over a live fire then slow roasted, with baked potato, onion strings and tiger sauce…..$28.95 Petite Cut (8oz.)…..$19.95

Served Sunday Night:
No. 59
Scandinavian Style Chicken Dinner – half chicken on the bone rubbed with cinnamon, juniper and cardamom, grilled over a live fire and served with sausage & currant dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, buttered parsnips & carrots and cranberry relish…..$15.95